Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich AG

The Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich is now a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft). At the Extraordinary General Meeting on March 10th, 2020, the members agreed to the change in legal form.

Administrative Board (honorary)
The Administrative Board is composed of eleven members, therefrom four representatives of the public authorities and two representatives of the staff.

  • Martin Vollenwyder, von Zürich, in Zürich ZH (Präsident des Verwaltungsrats)
  • Hans G. Syz, von Zürich und Volketswil, in Küsnacht ZH (Vizepräsident des Verwaltungsrats und Quästor)
  • Adrian T. Keller, von Zollikon, in Zollikon ZH
  • Kathrin Rossetti, von Breggia TI, in Zürich ZH
  • Felix Baumgartner, von Sirnach TG, in Altendorf SZ
  • Corine Mauch, von Zürich, in Zürich ZH, Vertretung Stadt Zürich
  • Rebekka Fässler, von Lauerz SZ, in Zürich ZH, Vertretung Stadt Zürich
  • Diana Lehnert, deutsche Staatsangehörige, in Zürich ZH, Vertretung Stadt Zürich
  • Madeleine Herzog, von Solothurn SO, in Zürich ZH, Vertretung Kanton Zürich
  • Katharina Kull-Benz, von Zürich, in Zollikon ZH, Vertretung Kanton Zürich
  • Ronald Dangel, von Zürich, in Wetzikon ZH, Vertretung Personal
  • Ursula Sarnthein-Lotichius, von Zürich, in Zürich ZH, Vertretung Personal

Currently, the members of the Board of Directors of the Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich AG and the members of the Executive Board of the Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich (Association) have a personal union.

Directorate/Intendance, Management

  • Ilona Schmiel (artistic director)
  • Marc Barwisch (Head of Artistic Operations)
  • Justus Bernau (Head of Finance and Accounting)
  • Ambros Bösch (Conductor of Orchestra Operations)
  • Michaela Braun (Head of Marketing and Communication)

The Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich AG is responsible for the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich and organises more than 150 concerts of various kinds each season. In addition to the concerts in Zurich, the orchestra goes on international tours and carries Zurich's reputation as a lively city of music to renowned music centres around the world.
For the renovation years of the historic Tonhalle am See (2017-2021), the Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich has built the interim venue Tonhalle Maag in District 5, using mostly its own and private funds. Within a very short time, the new concert hall established itself as a new centre for classical music and radiates far beyond the country's borders with its excellent acoustics, its simple and elegant architecture, which has since won prizes, and its post-industrial area.
The Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich and the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich consider themselves an important part of the city's and the region's cultural life and feel connected to the people of Zurich, not least through their 150-year tradition.

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